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Tom Dorzab, Practitioner of Energy Medicine, en Málaga, 17 - 19 de octubre 08

El biólogo estadounidense, Tom Dorzab, Practitioner of Energy Medicine, Tom Dorzab ofrecerá un seminario de 12 horas el sábado 18 y el domingo 19 de octubre 08 en Málaga (el seminario será traducido simultáneamente al español). Para más información o para efectuar una reserva de plaza dirigirse directamente a:

(Seminario aplazado, contacta, en cualquier caso si tienes interés en que se te avise cuando se celebre en Málaga o en otra localidad).

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Teléfono Tom Dorzab: 921 14 18 86

También ampliaremos los detalles pronto en este blog. Entre tanto, publicamos este artículo suyo (en inglés) extraído de Dr. Alexander R. Lees and Associates.

Energy Exercises for Everyday Living
by Tom Dorzab

Here's to your health

In case some of you haven't noticed, life today has become very fast paced compared to the "good old days". Sometimes it seems like an everyday race that never ends. I also understand that many of us in this work-a-day world have to-do lists that rival such works as War and Peace in length and complexity. Just living a normal life today can be quite a challenge. Throw in a couple of children, and overwhelming is the only way to describe it. As a former single parent myself, believe me, I understand when clients with children tell me they didn't have time to do the exercises I suggested, even though it often only takes about five minutes. The reality of it is though, that by doing a few simple energy exercises, our energy systems can be strengthened giving us more energy to get through the day, we can gain more clarity of thought to think our way out of the modern boxes we have built around ourselves and we can enhance our immunity so we don't get sick as often and when we do succumb to the occasional bug, we tend to recover faster.

Just as we can tune a musical instrument, we can also tune our bodies to operate at a healthier frequency. Our tune up could include hundreds of energy techniques as there are many to choose from and we could easily spend many hours each day fine tuning ourselves. Some of those techniques would be invaluable, while others may do very little depending on our individual needs that day. Fortunately, there are a few exercises we can do that take only about five minutes that tend to help almost everybody stay in a more finely tuned state. They don't provide everything everybody needs, but for the time spent, they are a great investment.

This is the beginning of a series of articles highlighting some of the most helpful energy exercises for all of us.

The first energy exercise that should become a daily habit is the following

Tapping the Kidney 27 points

Whenever we tap on our bodies, an electrical signal is generated. It's arguably beneficial no matter where we tap. There are certain points, however, that really tend to supercharge the effect. One of those points is the 27th points of the Kidney Meridian. These points are important because, in today's world, we often do much more than we really want to do. In this regard, we would be better off to follow the lead of our pets, cats for example. When a cat has been busy playing, hunting or whatever, and it gets tired, what does it do? It has the good sense to take a nap, whenever and wherever it is. When we get tired, what do we do? All too often, we have to take the kids to school, cook supper, work on the computer, go to a meeting or any number of things other than sleeping. Our bodies have a way of letting us know what they need. In this case, when we get tired, the normal flow of energy in our meridians begins to flow backwards as a way to force us to slow down. Unfortunately, most of us do not have the luxury of stopping what we are doing to take a nap.

If you don't believe me, try this little experiment. The next time you are feeling tired at work, simply tell your boss, "my meridians are running backwards right now so I'm going to the lounge to take a little nap. Could you please wake me in about 45 minutes"? You may find that you have much more time to rest than you were expecting!

After a while, our bodies get more insistent in their message and the next thing we know, we get colds, we get depressed, we catch the flu or we are given any number of other clues in their attempts to slow us down. An interesting effect of this backwards movement of energy in the meridians, is that when you walk backwards you are strengthened according to an energy test, but when you walk forwards, you are weakened. Obviously, we cannot go on forever without getting the rejuvenating sleep we need, but by tapping our Kidney 27 points, we can postpone the inevitable, allowing us to function at a higher level for a while longer. Or, you could just walk backwards all day. This is another real boss pleaser. Recent scientific discoveries have validated this ancient practice of tapping points. It has been found that our connective tissue acts as a liquid crystal among its other functions. As a liquid crystal, whenever pressure is applied to it, as happens when you tap it, a small electrical impulse is generated. This piezoelectric effect sends an electrical signal to other parts of your body, which in this case, causes your body to wake up for a while longer. The meridians are returned to their normal direction of flow and more of your systems begin functioning at a higher level.

Since there are right and left Kidney Meridians, we will tap in two spots. You can find the spots by locating the collar bones and following them to where the joints meet in the upper center of the chest. Drop down just below the bones and move out to each side slightly. Most people will have a depression here. These are your Kidney 27 points.

How do you know when you need to tap those Kidney 27 points?

* When you are feeling sleepy.

* If you are unable to concentrate.

* If you tend to forget what you have just read.

* In the case of students, when you lose focus when shifting your eyes from the chalkboard to your desk. This exercise helps keep you more focused.

The next time you're feeling sleepy and can't take the time to sleep, try this one out for size. In most cases, you'll notice the difference. Better yet, starting today, make this part of a daily habit.

In the next issue we'll discuss other energy exercises that can help you keep your energy systems tuned up and running smoothly.

También en España, Málaga, Nerja. Madison King
Senior Practitioner of Donna Eden's Energy Medicine

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