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El Vídeo: cientos de personas practican yoga y meditación en Times Square, Nueva York, para celebrar el solsticio. 21 de junio


NEW YORK- Practice yoga in the heart of the city’s bustling center next month for the annual “Summer Solstice in Times Square Yoga-thon.”
Several hundreds of yoga enthusiasts are expected to gather in the middle intersection of Times Square on June 21 to salute the sun. The event is hosted by Times Square Alliance and features several free outdoor yoga sessions taught by well-known New York yoga instructors.
‘If you could create tranquility in the most crazy, high energy place in the world that is a really great oxymoron, or a great opposite,” said Jennifer Lobo, a Times Square Alliance organizer, in interview last year with the Daily Mail.
Some yoga practitioners even plan their visit to New York around this event while others simply join in for the challenge of calming the mind in the midst of urban chaos. Around 5,000 people pre-registered last year for the event from 31 countries, according to the Huffington Post.
This year’s event includes three free yoga session for beginners and more advance yoga practitioners with an assortment of yoga styles. Summer Solstice in Times Square, which is in its ninth year, converts the intersection between 46th and 47 Street and Broadway into a sacred space to practice yoga in the midst of the city that never sleeps.
Nicole Nichols, an instructor from New York’s Jivamukti Center at Union Square, will teach the first yoga session at 7:30 AM. The morning session is a warm-up to the summer solstice, which begins at 1:16 PM in the Eastern time zone.
Opera singer Patrick Lynch is leading a Bikram-styled yoga session during midday at 12:30 PM. The outdoor temperatures will be slightly cooler than a typical Bikram studio, which is heated to 105 degrees Fahrenheit.
The final session of the “Mind Over Madness Yoga” for midsummer’s celebrations will be taught by YogaWorks instructor Douglass Steward, co-founder of Solstice in Times Square. Steward teaches his vinyasa flow class at 6:00 PM.
Register in advance to roll out a mat and celebrate the solstice at Times Square Alliance’s website. All the sessions were filled last year during pre-registration.

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